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A WALLET suitable for storing cards and coins. fastened with a comfortable metal buckle.

A pocket NOTEBOOK for writing down all the golden thoughts that come to our mind during the day. it is closed with an elastic band. the leather cover will stay with you for years. you can replace the recycled paper inside with any paper or add it when all pages are written.

We operate in the spirit of sustainable development - the leather from which we make accessories is obtained from post-production ends. we use raw materials available on the market, we do not produce new ones.

the accessory is made in our workshop, if the model or size you are looking for is not available on the website - contact us and we will try to make it for you from materials available to the masses.

each piece is unique due to the unique texture of the leather sheet from which it is made. scratches, discolorations, uneven colors and surfaces of the leather are natural and do not constitute a product defect.


  • 100% leather

  • 10cm x 7cm